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Working From Home — The New Reality

By Colonnade Security Inc.

On March 11th, 2020, the World Health Organization declared a global outbreak of COVID-19, a pandemic, and as we bore witness, countries shut down their economies. Businesses deemed non-essential closed their doors, employees were laid off, out of work.

Those businesses, schools, and government agencies, lucky enough to remain open, asked employees to work remotely at home. The global pandemic caused a significant shift in how our society functioned—the novel coronavirus changed our work environments to an unprecedented degree. Along with these new work practices comes a variety of security challenges.

According to Purdue University professor Marcus Rogers, without the proper precautions, working from home could become a cybersecurity nightmare.

“Criminals will use the crisis to scam people for money, account information and more,” he says. “With more people working from home, people need to make sure they are practicing good cybersecurity hygiene, just like they would at work. There is also a big risk that infrastructures will become overwhelmed, resulting in communication outages, both internet and cell.”

Further to comments by Professor Marcus Rogers, thieves are looking for any opportunity to steal corporate equipment — company computers, mobile phones, tablets, imaging devices, to name a few. Information gathered from said devices can present a security nightmare for any company or organization.

Concerns about the COVID-19 have increased the business world’s dependence on teleworking. According to Zoom Video Communications, millions of people flocked to its conferencing service to see colleagues, friends and family while tethered to their homes during the pandemic. Zoom’s video conferencing services exploded from 10 million daily users to over 300 million users and counting a day since March 11th, 2020.

There are plenty of articles informing you about protecting your information from phishing scams, malware, computer viruses, and hacking. We won’t dwell upon it. We will, however, discuss home security and your responsibility to protect your employers’ equipment and user data. Therefore, when working from home, consider the following:

  • Remote workers should treat their home security just as they would if working from the office, including arming their home security system and leveraging smart home alarm security devices;
  • Industry data proves that more than 90% of burglaries happen in residential areas, where homes are typically unprotected while the occupants are at work-the family pet doesn’t count;
  • It goes without saying; remote workers should adhere to corporate-approved protocols, hardware and software, from firewalls to VPNs;
  • Assign a unique Alarm code to every person entering and leaving your home;
  • Ensure you have a proper Alarm Security System installed by a reputable Alarm Security company in your area;
  • Ensure a local ULC compliant Monitoring station monitors your premises.
  • Ask your employer; if your company computer is stolen, is the equipment covered by their insurance? If not, will your home insurance cover the cost?
  • The physical security of a laptop or other stuff is paramount, including how information is backed up if you are not connected to the office network while working.

The experienced professionals at Colonnade Security in Ottawa, Ontario, with over 35 years of security experience, will provide you with top of the line equipment, expert installation and user demonstration, client-focused service and vigilant monitoring from a ULC monitoring station in Ottawa. We offer Option 2  when purchasing your system from us. We can finance your Alarm system, or you can buy the system upfront.

Once you complete your initial term, you will own your alarm security equipment!

At Colonnade Security Inc.; we do not lease or rent alarm security systems. If you are considering a finance option, we are here for you. With over 35 years of security experience, give Colonnade Security Inc., in Ottawa a try.

For more information, you can call 613-839-1274 or email

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