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Security Systems from Telco Companies

Telus/ADT, Bell Canada,
Rogers, or SHAW

Part Two

By Colonnade Security

Let’s look at the brief history of each Telco company and what they provide in security.

In our next instalments you’ll see a breakdown of the three Telco’s that differs from most security installation and monitoring companies and what you need to know.



ADT was one of the largest security companies in Canada. Over the years, ADT purchased several small and large security companies and put them all under their name ADT – Telus purchased ADT Canadian operations in 2019. 

Vancouver, B.C. – Today, TELUS announced that it has agreed to acquire ADT Security Services Canada, Inc. (ADT Canada) for approximately 700 million dollars Canadian. ADT Canada is one of Canada’s leading security and automation solutions providers, serving residential and business customers, with approximately 500,000 customers and about 1,000 team members across the country.

TELUS is proud to bring Canadian leadership to a formerly American-owned Canadian company, repatriating ADT Canada and solidifying TELUS’ place as the leading provider of integrated connected home and security services for Canadians.

Telus Purchased ADT and is now in the security business, with more than 500,000 customers across the country – a significant foothold in the security business. The company wants all their new security customers to switch and use other Telus services. Again all these services are under one umbrella-Telus.

Enter the concept of bundled services at reduced rates. Don’t get me wrong, the idea of bundled services used to be mainly in the realm of communications; long distance, mobile, and Internet. At one point in history, calling a family member or friend in another area code was expensive.

Today, many companies offer bundle services, including home or business Insurance, VOIP telephone services, Health Insurance, Business processes and IT solutions. IP networks, hosting, managed IT and cloud-based services, small business solutions, affordable phone plans, Internet, and now security installations and monitoring.

Each service bundle has separate terms and conditions but will eventually increase the overall rates to the actual cost over time.

How is the fine print important? Telus Security owns all the equipment they install. This is very important for a customer to understand. Telus Security installs its own brand of security equipment.

  • They retain ownership of all the main security equipment they install.
  • They will list the equipment they will install and then charge you an installation fee. In other words, a charge for them to install the listed equipment they own under their terms and conditions.
  • Their equipment is Proprietary Technology, and no other security company can use their products. Not even other Telco’s.

In other words, you are now a lifelong client of Telus. Is this a bad thing, you must decide?

You, as a customer, pay an installation fee for each item you select on their website and are then charged a monthly service fee to use their equipment.

You must maintain the equipment yourself. If you require service on your system, you can only use Telus to service it.

If or when you ever decide to cancel your security services with Telus, you must return all of the security equipment to them in proper working condition – it’s up to you to remove, take down, and pack the security devices for shipment. If you do not return the alarm security equipment in what they feel is in proper working condition, Telus will invoice you for the returned equipment or may charge your credit card on file. Ask yourself? Does this seem right? – Being invoiced for returned equipment you thought you owned at today’s current value.

*Telus Policy – Service and installation charges may vary depending on system configuration, equipment and services selected. Additional installation fees may apply for extra equipment. The offer applies to all ADT by TELUS packages and requires a 36-month monitoring contract. Prices exclude taxes. Equipment may vary in appearance.

Equipment is ADT-owned; you must return the equipment in good condition upon service cancellation; otherwise, Telus invoices your account for the total replacement cost. 

Includes Quality Service Plan (QSP)
QSP is ADT’s Extended Limited Warranty. Limit one offer per new ADT customer contract and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts.

So as long as you understand what you have signed up for and agreed to, you will have a long relationship with Telus. Once again, is this a bad thing, you must decide?

In Part three of this article we’ll discuss Bell Canada, the largest and strongest telecommunications provider in Canada who has had no competition for decades.

At Colonnade Security Inc., we do not lease or rent alarm security systems. If you are considering a finance option, we are here for you. With over 40 years of security experience, give Colonnade Security Inc. in Ottawa a try.

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