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Security Systems from Telco Companies

Telus/ADT, Bell Canada,
Rogers, or SHAW

Part Four

By Colonnade Security

Let’s look at the brief history of each Telco company and what they provide in security.

In this instalment you’ll see a further breakdown of the three Telco’s that differs from most security installation and monitoring companies and what you need to know.


Rogers Corporation

Like its competitor, Bell Canada, Rogers dabbled in the security business for some time. Rogers’ strength, and what they are best known for, is the Cable TV Business. As technology improved, Rogers invested in mobile services by purchasing a stake in Cantel Cellular in 1986, based on GSM technology. In 2003, Rogers renamed Cantel Cellular to Rogers Wireless; in 2004, it partnered with Yahoo.

These moves in the communications market allowed Rogers to expand their offerings beyond cable TV to the home and business telephone market, mobile wireless, and Internet services. After purchasing an Ottawa-based Cable TV company, Ottawa Cablevision, Rogers gained Cableguard. Afterwhich, they were in the security business for many years and operated under the name of Rogers Canguard. Mostly in Ontario, Quebec, and British Columbia. But in 1998, Rogers sold their Security Business to Protection One, an American-based Security Company, thus leaving the security business.

In 2011, something changed, and once again, Rogers decided to return to the security business, deciding to sell and install alarm security systems once again. Rogers came up with their own brand of security equipment and wireless devices. They were the first of the Telco’s to start offering bundled packages to their customers, undercutting Bell and Telus. The strategic move worked; every cable, cellphone, or wireless customers’ bill showed discounted bundled services.

Since Rogers also installed their brand of security equipment. They retain ownership of the main control panel and keypads. Their equipment is Proprietary Technology to their control panel. The problem is if you own any wireless devices from them, they will only work with the Rogers security panel, and no other security company can use their products. In other words, you are with Rogers for Life. Once again, is this a bad thing, you must decide?


In Part five of this article we’ll discuss your ownership of the product and they all make use of proprietary technology.

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