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Colonnade Security Inc. (CSI) is locally owned and operated by Carl Waddell, one of the most respected alarm installation company owners in 
Eastern Ontario, in business since 1981.

In 1981, Carl opens Colonnade Home Services Limited and begins selling and installing security systems.

In 1984, Carl merges with In Home Security Systems Inc. This company goes on to become Regional Protection Systems Inc.

In 1988, Carl co-founds Security 24 Monitoring Network Limited, an independent monitoring station, owned and operated by three separately owned alarm companies in a shared location. This new approach proves so attractive that other alarm companies want their accounts monitored. Over time, more and more companies come knocking, demanding the level of service that Security 24 provides to its customers. In ten short years, Security 24 monitors the accounts of over 100 alarm companies across Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec.

In 1989, Regional Protection Inc. merges its operations with McEvoy Lock, which consists of an alarms division and a lock division. The alarms division runs under the Regional Protection Inc. name, and the two companies provide Ottawa with a complete security company, offering alarm equipment and monitoring, locks, safes, and access control. They were located at 1800 Woodward Drive, Regional Protection Inc. is one of the first full-service security companies in Ottawa.

In 1990, Regional Protection Inc. takes on the management of Security House Canada Limited. Carl manages the company under Regional Protection Inc. until 1993.

In 1993, after running Security House Canada Limited for three years, Regional Protection Inc. purchases Security House Canada Limited. This same year, Regional Protection Inc. purchases McEvoy Lock’s shares of Regional Protection Inc.

Over the next nine years Regional Protection Inc. doubles in size and goes on to become one of Ottawa’s largest independently owned security companies.

In 1998, ten years after the company opened its doors, Security 24 Monitoring Network Inc. hails as Ottawa’s most successful independent monitoring station—monitoring about 30,000 accounts—all from independent alarm companies. Security 24 boasts such a successful track record that it is now being solicited by a number of larger firms looking to expand their operations in the Ottawa area.

In 1998, Security 24 Monitoring Network Inc. sells to Protectron Inc., which then turns its sights on monitoring for other smaller companies, Canada wide.

In 2002, Protectron adds a monitoring station in Vancouver and Security 24 starts monitoring operations coast to coast for independent alarm companies.

In 2002, aiming to expand its installation and sales operations of residential and commercial alarm systems in Ottawa, Protectron approaches Mr. Waddell once again—this time to purchase Regional Protection Systems Inc. On the strength of Regional Protection’s outstanding record of customer satisfaction, Protectron now blazes a trail for a new base of operations outside Quebec. With both Security 24 Monitoring Network Inc. and Regional Protection Systems Inc. sold to Protectron Security Inc., Mr. Waddell joins Protectron in October 2002, becoming Director of Sales for Central Canada. During his time at Protectron, he helps merge alarm operations with Protection One Canada Limited, another company that Protectron had purchased in 2002.

Mr. Waddell gains invaluable experience with this national-based organization, working in both Ottawa and Toronto to integrate Protectron in areas previously served by Protection One and Regional Protection Systems Inc. He also works with the Security 24 Dealer Program to expand operations to Vancouver. In May 2004, Mr. Waddell leaves Protectron to pursue other interests.

On October 27, 2006, four years since owning his own alarm company—coming full circle—Carl opens Colonnade Security Inc. (CSI).

Colonnade Security Inc. (CSI)
Committed to your peace of mind through exceptional customer service and only top-quality equipment
Serving you and your individual safety and security needs for home and business, large or small
Industry leader with a track record built on experience, reputation, and outstanding customer satisfaction

Trust – Experience – Excellence

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