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CSI | Smart Benefits

CSI offers additional benefits and bonuses to add value and further peace of mind in helping you protect and keep your home or business secure.

Our security service professionals are committed to providing excellent service. No matter the scope of the job at hand, we are prepared for the challenge.

Learn about the CSI Smart Benefits you'll receive when you transfer an existing Alarm monitoring system or purchase a new Alarm Security System from Colonnade Security Inc. In Ottawa, Ontario.

Give CSI Colonnade Security a try!

Switch your present monitoring service to CSI and SAVE. Receive three months FREE with the signing of a new CSI Twelve Month Agreement.

Sign a 36-month term agreement and receive $50.00 towards any additional upgrades, or use it towards your monitoring. Call (613) 839-1274 now to learn more.

CSI | Additional Benefits

Tired of having to pay for service calls? Get the CSI Extended Service Warranty. This warranty plan takes the worry out of unexpected service bills. Simply call us and we will correct the problem for you at no charge. All electronic equipment will wear out at some point. Protect your security investment today!

Are you an existing CSI Colonnade Security Customer? Recommend someone for a new security system or to change their monitoring to CSI, and when your recommended person signs a new CSI contract, you will receive three months of monitoring FREE. You will be notified that your free three months will begin on your next billing period.

Are you an existing CSI customer about to move. Call us for your FREE MOVE. CSI will remove your existing system and install it in your new location FREE of charge.


* Please note that some conditions apply.

CSI | Residential Security

Your stress levels and concerns about security lessen when you get a home alarm security system from Colonnade Security Inc. CSI has more than 35 years of experience in the security industry. We offer you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you are safeguarding your family and possessions.When the safety of your property is a concern, CSI is here to provide affordable solutions.The security of your home and family is our top priority. We provide security options that will suit your circumstances and budget without sacrificing quality. Our home security solutions utilize the best of the current trends, equipment, and technology available to us.If you’re in need of a home alarm security installation in Ottawa, the surrounding area or in the Ottawa Valley, we hope you’ll count on Colonnade Security Inc. to provide you with a safe and reliable service.

CSI | Business Security

If you own a business you know that the safety of your employees and products is essential to your company’s success. At Colonnade Security Inc. we provide our clients with the peace of mind that comes with having a complete commercial security solution in place.

We understand that your security needs are specific to your business and industry, and our expert security consultants are trained to customize your system to fit your particular needs.

We offer a full range of state-of-the-art commercial security products and services, from access control and intrusion security to monitoring and surveillance. Regardless of the type of business, you can count on Colonnade Security Inc. for uncompromised dedication to your safety and security.

Protect your employees and your assets with business security solutions from Colonnade Security Inc.

Call NOW! 613.839.1274. Let’s Get Started.

CSI | Interactive Security

At Colonnade Security Inc. we have the latest and most efficient interactive products for the type of security systems we install.

With our standard interactive systems you can arm or disarm your system using the CSI App on your smart device as a keypad. Our advanced interactive service will allow you to:

  • Control temperature in the house;
  • Lock and unlock doors;
  • Control lighting in the house, and;
  • Open and close your garage door.


More and more customers want to be able to control their security system away from their homes or business.

You can get a status on your system and receive emails or text info on alarm conditions as they happen. You can basically control your alarm system from anywhere.

CSI | Video Surveillance

At Colonnade Security Inc., we recognize the importance of monitoring and limiting access to your facility. Regardless of the size of your business or home, your specific requirements will benefit from video surveillance.

CSI Security
Peace of mind can come from knowing there are cameras strategically placed inside and outside your business or home. Check in on your video surveillance from anywhere, anytime. You will have the ability to see those locations when you can’t be there. You have fixed cameras that look at your home or business.

CSI | Access Control
Security Systems with Smart Features

Whether you’re looking to protect equipment, inventory, or company files and data, our access control services are designed to keep non-authorized parties away.

Add the Convenience

CSI Smart Security is available to
be accessed from multiple devices.

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