CSI | Secure Two

This CSI system is an excellent mid range protection system. You can choose $35.95* on a 12 month term or select an option of no money down for a 36, 48 or 60 month term.

Any of our packages will help you protect and keep your business secure.

CSI | Secure Two Package

Products and Services

The right security measures can help protect your home or commercial property from threats such as theft and vandalism. Whether you need a basic alarm system or extensive video surveillance for your residence or your business as a means of increasing productivity or reducing fraud, we have a solution for you.

CSI Colonnade Security Inc. will perform a complete on-site analysis of your property and work with you to provide just the right level of service. We carry high-quality products and equipment, and customize the support services you deserve.

Complete Package $35.95* Per Month

  • Control Panel | Cellular
  • Keypad
  • Pet-friendly Motion Sensor
  • Three Door Sensors
  • Smoke Detector or relay
  • Fixed Low-temp Device
  • Back-up Battery
  • Indoor Siren
  • Intrusion Monitoring, and
  • Emergency Buttons: Panic, Medical & Fire
  • Electronic Notification Service
  • Low Temperature Monitoring
  • Fire Detection Monitoring
  • Cellular Services | Standard Plan

Signal Transmission: Cellular

{uses cellular service provided by CSI. No Phone Lines Required.}

* Installed $595.00 with a 12 month term $35.95

Signal transmission: Cellular. No phone lines can be cut.

Optional at Additional Cost

  • Low Temperature Monitoring
  • Fire Detection Monitoring
  • CO Detection Monitoring
  • CSI Extended Service Warranty

CSI | No Money Down Options

Receive an instant $100.00 discount on the installation price when you choose one of the following terms.

36 month term | $49.95 per month.

48 month term | $47.95 per month.

60 month term | $45.95 per month.

Note: : The installation of the security system equipment is included in the No Money Down option term you have chosen. i.e. 36, 48 or 60 month term. The equipment will be owned by you, the customer, at the end of the term.

Based on a $595.00 installation package, all devices will be wired, and any other devices added to your package will change your No Money Down price over the term you choose. Wireless packages are available if required.

Add the Convenience

CSI Smart Security is available to
be accessed from multiple devices.

CSI | Smart Security


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Tel: 613.839.1274

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We are closed on Sundays and holidays, but emergency service is available 24/7.


Contact our team by calling 613.839.1274 or send an email so we may answer your questions and arrange to meet with you to determine the most suitable alarm system that meets your needs.

Tel: 613.839.1274