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Smart Home Security Systems

by Colonnade Security

We’re living in a technological revolution, in case there was any doubt—From the days of relying on corded phones on a wall, to the mobile cellular phone, to nano-sized supercomputers that fit in our pockets, capable of unfathomable and simultaneous functions.

Smartphones are a significant tech breakthrough opening the door, literally, to the era of the smart home.

Photo by Colonnade Security

What does that mean? What is a smart home?
The technical term generally refers to any suite of devices, appliances, or systems that interactively connect and are controlled by you. The Smart home refers to the automation of everyday tasks, providing high-tech functionality and a sense of luxury that wasn’t possible ten years ago. Life is more accessible; enjoy!

Ask our team how Smart technology can benefit you?
Imagine, in the heyday of alarm security systems, a burglar alarm system consisted of door contacts, motion sensors, glass break sensors, window contacts, and a smoke detector. Today, the essential core elements of the security system are still there, buried deep. You have control of the very fabric of your home:

  • From home lighting to your thermostat;
  • From your garage door to locking and unlocking your doors;
  • From answering the doorbell to watching live footage of your home, and so much more.

What is the best part of home automation?
All this functionality is made possible with your smartphone or smart device.

Modern technology enables you to arm and disarm your alarm security system remotely. Change the codes, receive emails or text messages about your system in real-time. See who disarms or arms the system and when by receiving a picture of who did it.

You gain the simplicity of having an app on your smartphone, with the added security and convenience of managing your alarm security system at your home. Add cellular technology to the mix, and you’re in control.

You can add a Smart Home Security System to most existing alarm security systems. You buy the interactive device and have Colonnade Security install it. Next, add other devices you want to enhance your smart home experience. Simple. Safe. Secure.

Our services start at $39.95 per month—no phones lines required on site. We will provide you with a complete interactive service through our app to your security system.

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