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Colonnade Security Inc. (CSI) is locally owned and operated by Carl Waddell, one of the most respected alarm installation company owners in Eastern Ontario, in business since 1981. Carl is an industry leader with a proven track record built on experience, reputation, and outstanding customer satisfaction. He is always forward-thinking and committed to your peace of mind serving you and your individual safety and security needs for home and business, large or small.

The CSI Journal is a culmination of his experiences and in-depth industry knowledge, here for you to read and gain the skills to make informed decisions on better protecting your family and your business. If you have any questions, or if you want to update an existing system, give Colonnade Security a call or email us at

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Smart Home Security Systems

We’re living in a technological revolution, in case there was any doubt—From the days of relying on corded phones on a wall, to the mobile cellular phone, to nano-sized supercomputers that fit in our pockets, capable of unfathomable and simultaneous functions.

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How to Protect Your Home While on Summer Vacation

Amongst all the excitement for an upcoming vacation, it’s easy to forget to double-check that your home is secure and protected. In fact, according to the Department of Justice, there are 14 percent more burglaries in the summer than in the winter across the U.S. The rate of household property victimization and household theft also peaks during the hottest months of the year, and happens to be when many of us pack our bags and head out for vacation.

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