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The Smart in Security Systems

By Colonnade Security Inc.

Security systems with smart technology

Home security has evolved from being an alarm system to protect your home from intrusion to being a complete home automation system that offers you control over all aspects of your home. And you can control it all remotely from your cell phone or your computer.

With the introduction of Smart technology, your security system is more than a keypad on the wall that you arm and disarm by physically punching in a code. Now you can use your cell phone, computer, iPad, tablet or computer to access your alarm system and monitor what is going on in your home.

This new technology notifies you automatically when someone is in your home; you could be at work and you will receive a text message to say your children are home or the person who cleans your home is in the house or has left. When you are on your way home from work you could have the coffee pot turned on or have the hot tub come on so it will be ready when you get home.

The system is more than a toy that offers you convenience – it can also help you to save money on your energy costs. The system can be set up so you can call your home or cottage to have the heat adjusted or to have the air conditioner come on so your home or cottage will be comfortable when you arrive. You can also turn off any lights you might have inadvertently left on or turn on lights in your home for when you arrive.

The experienced professionals at Colonnade Security in Ottawa, Ontario, will provide you with top of the line equipment, expert installation and user demonstration, client-focused service and vigilant monitoring from a ULC monitoring station in Ottawa. We offer Option 2 above when purchasing your system from us. We can finance your system, or you can buy the system upfront.

Once you complete your initial term, you will own your alarm security equipment-At Colonnade Security Inc.; we do not lease or rent alarm security systems. If you are considering a finance option, we are here for you.

With over 35 years of security experience, give Colonnade Security Inc., in Ottawa a try.

For more information, you can call 613-839-1274 or email

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